Glacier National Park Elopement Avalanche Lake


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Avalanche Lake Elopement

Adventure hiking elopement in Glacier National Park with fall foliage at Avalanche Lake

Michelle and Roger decided they wanted to hike in to Avalanche Lake to commence their marriage in mid October. We met in West Glacier and convoyed to the head of the Avalanche Lake trail. Michelle hiked up in her wedding dress with her bouquet in her backpack and we started our trek to the lake which took about 1 hour to get up to. Once we got up there around 11am it was quiet and not a lot of people around. The sun slowly broke through the clouds that were pent up against the mountain and we got rays of sunshine the rest of our time up there. We hiked back down and explored areas of Avalanche creek, the water was down low due to lack of run off and the water was turquoise blue. It was a great day in Glacier National Park to get eloped.