Waterfalls to Elope at in Glacier National Park


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The Perfect Glacier Park Elopement in June

Glacier Park Elopement in June

Want to plan the perfect June elopement in Glacier National Park? Suppose you’re looking for a way to experience the beauty of Glacier National Park without the hassle of organizing a large wedding party. In that case, a Glacier Park elopement may be the perfect option. Many people don’t realize that it’s possible to get married in a remote location in the park. Also, you can even have your closest friends or family experience the beauty of the wilderness. If you are interested in getting married in the park, one of the most popular months is June because it’s warmer and the wildflowers bloom!

June GNP Elopement Locations – Think waterfalls…

Eloping with a waterfall backdrop makes the Perfect Glacier Park Elopement in June! Due to the water escaping the mountains quickly from runoff, the rushing waterfall is stunning. Especially, with the high watermarks along the lakes, it creates tiny rock beaches, which leave no room to move. Altogether, this makes waterfalls a fantastic option in June! Instead of forcing it to work on a small beach, I like to drive to higher elevations to get a fast pace waterfall outside Glacier National Park.

There are numerous stunning waterfalls inside Glacier National Park: 

  • Sacred Dancing Cascade
  • Waterfall at Trail of the Cedars
  • Saint Mary Falls
  • Waterfall at Lunch Creek
  • Falls at Avalanche Lake

Additionally, there are a couple of waterfalls just outside of the park. The locations outside the park, do not require permits and are only a few minutes from the entrance to West Glacier. Afterward, I like to swoop back to the park for sunset photos at the dock.

What’s the weather like in June at Glacier National Park?

June’s weather in Montana is NOT full-on summer; it’s unpredictable spring. It can be 90 degrees on Monday and 45 degrees on Tuesday. Consequently, it’s important to know what to expect, prepare and embrace the weather! Having multiple backup plans is the best way to overcome weather obstacles. Generally, if you hire a local photographer, then they will have many backups options.

Wedding Permits in Glacier National Park

If you’ve done much research, you may have figured out that getting married in GNP can be tricky. There are permits, locations, and rules to keep in mind if you want to tie the knot in Glacier National Park. Thankfully, the waterfall pictured does not require a permit which, makes the whole process a bit easier.

Glacier National Park Elopement Packages

I offer an All-Inclusive Glacier National Park Elopement Package to help you have your dream come true, stress-free. Depending on the package you select, All-Inclusive Glacier National Park Elopement Package includes:

  • Professional photos
  • Planning + coordinating
  • 3-4 minute film by Whitefish Productions
  • Bridal Bouquet by Forage & Floral 
  • Champagne
  • Vendor Guide

Ready to book your Perfect Glacier National Park Elopement? Visit here for more information and available dates,  or email me at haleyjphoto@outlook.com.