Lake McDonald Elopement

Lauren and Charlie were supposed to have their big wedding in Washington on June sixth two thousand twenty but covid took that date from them. They ended up getting married exactly one year later at the most gorgeous rock beach in Glacier National Park that is surrounded by large mountains. They met while they were both in college in Alabama, Charlies job took them to Florida and a few years ago they decided to move to Seattle. After their ceremony we adventured to Lake McDonald Lodge, Avalanche trail, trail of the cedars and a meadow right outside of West Glacier. All of my elopement brides get a complimentary bouquet from Forage and Floral and have the option to work with Mel as their officiant. Charlie and Lauren expressed to me how happy they were with their decision on eloping. They were not nervous standing in front of a big crowd and enjoyed the go with the flow aspect of the day. Mostly, they loved taking in all the scenery that Glacier National Park has to offer for eloping.