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How to Get the Most Out of Your Engagement Session

Prepping for photos in general is tricky, especially the photos that announce you are getting married! Here are three tips and outfit examples to make the prepping easier and have a better outcome.

  1. Pick a photographer whose vision aligns with yours. Make sure you view their portfolio on their website before inquiring and love their editing/shooting style. See if they have useful tools such as outfit inspiration and/or location guides. Understand what they offer as far as time, amount of photos, and travel. You can usually find this information in “investments” or “pricing”.

  2. Decide what season you want them taken in and where (what you want in the background). It can be at your home, public location, or a place your photographer recommends for lighting purposes. Lighting is a key piece to good photos, be sure to listen to your photographer on that one! Once you decide that, you can plan what you are wanting to wear for outfits.

  3. OUTFITS! These can make or break your photos. It’s important to pick colors that compliment the scenery rather than outfits being the main focus of the image. Stay away from busy prints, vivid colors and tight/baggy unflattering clothing. Pick 2-3 colors and keep the busy prints in small quantities. It is also important to know what type of vibe you are going for. Such as, relaxed/casual, boho/eccentric, western/ranchy, dressy/sophisticated etc. Try not to combine styles, rather ask your photographer if you can change outfits half way through your session for two different vibes! Examples are listed below.

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Photo Nov 10, 5 15 08 PM.jpg


1) Hints of white because it matches the snow. Black to contrast the snow, subtle oranges to bring out the tamaracks lightly coated with snow.

2) Denim, white and/or khaki and black. Lighter blues always look good and flow with a large amount of white. Black brings the subject towards the front and white keeps your eyes looking.

3) Accessories! Add beanies for a warm relaxed look. Wool-blend long coats add a sophisticated touch. Winter Sorel boots with fur add an extra warm element to the images as well.

Photo Dec 28, 4 19 19 PM.jpg



1) Let the Fall colors speak! Use neutral colors, small amounts of denim, and/or black and subtle prints to compliment the background.

2) Use one statement color that is in the same family as the backdrop but a slightly different tone.

3) Use accessories such as a Pendleton blanket, felt hat or bring your dogs!




1) Soft tans/browns and pastel colors compliment the bright blooms + bright green grass.

2) Ask your photographer if they know of any places that have wildflowers. Typically they are the best from the end of May to the second week of June on the valley floor.

3) Places where there is naturally a lot of vivid color, its best to use very neutral tones to not make it too busy!




1) White and tan allow for the mountains and trees to be the color in the photo while letting the subjects be soft/dreamy. If the subjects wore bright/vivid colors it would be way too busy to look at.

2) One person can wear a very neutral outfit, while the other wears a statement piece. Notice the woman in the second photo has a shiny blush dress.

3) Felt hats are always so fun and playful during summer sessions. A white light blanket or sheet is great to bring to sit on as well.