10-mile pullout (Jackson Bay) Elopement Location Bride and groom kissing in Glacier National Park


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Lake McDonald Elopement Locations

Eloping in Glacier National park on Lake McDonald can due to the rule and necessary requirements. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful landscape to tie the knot! Here are the best Lake McDonald elopement locations, best ceremony times, and finally, the necessary steps to planning your dream day!

Here are the best elopement locations allowed in Glacier National Park during peak season (mid-May to mid-October) for up to 15 guests:

Ceremony in Glacier National Park at Apgar Amphitheater on Lake McDonald

Apgar Amphitheater Elopement

Apgar Amphitheater is one of the many beautiful Lake McDonald Elopement locations to hold a ceremony in Glacier National Park. There is a stage with a gorgeous view of Lake McDonald because of the benches your guests can sit comfortably. This location is easily accessible from the road. The best time at Apgar Amphitheater is before 10 am or after 5 pm. 

7-mile pullout (Sandy Point) Elopement

7-mile pullout (Sandy Point) is another stunning Lake McDonald location to hold a ceremony by Lake McDonald. The location is right on the Lake McDonald shoreline in addition, there are unobstructed mountain and lake views. The best time to hold a ceremony at Sandy Point is 7 am-6-pm.

10-mile pullout (Jackson Bay) Elopement Location Bride and groom kissing in Glacier National Park

10-mile pullout (Jackson Bay) Elopement

10-mile pullout (Jackson Bay) is another great location for a Lake McDonald elopement because it is right on the shoreline and has a variety of views. The best time to elope at Jackson Bay is 7 am-6 pm.

Lake McDonald Elopement Location

Ceremony Spots Near Lake McDonald 15+ Guests

Here are additional locations that can accommodate 15+ guests. I don’t typically shoot in these locations but they are an option for you if you have a group that’s bigger than 15.

Fish Creek Amphitheater 

If you have a big group then, Fish Creek Amphitheater is a ceremony location option in Glacier National Park. The location is big so, it accommodates up to 150 guests. However, during peak season there is a 15 vehicles limit. This location is open for an elopement or ceremony from Sunrise to sunset.

Avalanche Amphitheater 

Avalanche Amphitheater is located just off of McDonald Creek and Avalanche Creek. The small amphitheater is another option to hold a bigger ceremony. If you are up for a bit of an adventure after your ceremony then, Avalanche Lake is a gorgeous spot to take photos. The hike to Avalanche Lake is about 2.5-miles both ways. The best time to elope at Avalanche Amphitheater is only after 6 pm. 

Planning Your Glacier National Park Elopement

To have a ceremony at Lake McDonald, you must obtain a permit. Glacier National Park requires the permit. You can apply for this permit at Glacier National Park Intimate Wedding. After you have a permit, I recommend looking at their guide for times and locations. Keep in mind the closer to sunrise or sunset is usually better lighting for photos!

After you obtain a permit, it’s time to plan your dream National Park ceremony. I offer an All-Inclusive Glacier National Park Elopement Package to help you have your dream come true, stress-free. 

Depending on the package you select, All-Inclusive Glacier National Park Elopement Package includes:

  • Professional photos
  • Planning + coordinating
  • 3-4 minute film by Whitefish Productions
  • Bridal Bouquet by Forage & Floral 
  • Champagne
  • Vendor Guide

For more information and available dates visit here or email me at haleyjphoto@outlook.com.